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Kevin Campbell, Bio

   Kevin credits the ministry of Young Life with introducing him to Jesus Christ and for nurturing him in his faith throughout his high school and teenage years. After a two-year stint on Young Life Staff, he came to NPC and served for seven years as the full time Youth Pastor.
In 1997 he left our staff and went to seminary at Gordon-Conwell. Several years, one degree and three children later, he returned to NPC, excited about serving God in a new way.
Kevin lives in Hudson with his wonderfully supportive wife, Debbie and their three adorable daughters — Mary, Elizabeth, and Erin. He has a heart to see churches thrive and become spiritually healthy, and serves as a part-time ministry associate for Return Ministries, which seeks to bring peace to conflicted churches. Kevin is an avid golfer who also loves to cook and play in his garden.

Favorite Place: Tuscany

Favorite Quote: “Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen”—Mark Twain

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Favorite TV Show(s): Iron Chef America, Medium

Favorite Movie(s): Black Hawk Down

Favorite Ice Cream:  raspberry chocolate chip from Kimball’s Farm

Favorite Singer(s)/Band(s): Rodney Adkins, Rascal Flats

Favorite Outdoor Activities: Golf, gardening

Favorite Cereal(s): Frosted mini-wheats

Favorite Sports Team(s): Red Sox

Favorite Drink(s): Diet coke and coffee

Favorite Game(s): Anything Wii